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To accomplish memorable results and to leave an indelible professional impression, you need to guide your actions with the constant overriding goal to "Execute to Excellence."  With that in mind, your work and your efforts will be your brand.   To set one's self apart from the competition, it is not enough to have a lower price. You need to present your customers an alternative. Success creates success. If you can deliver success to your customer then they will get the strong impression that you have delivered to them an exceptional value.  You are on your way to building a brand that represents your best efforts.   When a brand is created the goal is to build awareness.  A successful brand is thought of when needs arise. Customers call the people they trust can help them achieve excellence.  If you can make your customer successful, they will help you be successful. ... (more)

Six Types of Cloud Computing

Everyone is talking about cloud computing today, but not everyone means the same thing when they do. While there is this general idea behind the cloud – that applications or other business functions exist somewhere away from the business itself – there are many iterations that companies look to in order to actually use the technology. Cloud computing offers a variety of ways for businesses to increase their IT capacity or functionality without having to add infrastructure, personnel, and software. Here are six different types of cloud computing and a little bit about what they o... (more)

Understanding Cloud Vulnerabilities

It isn’t so much that cloud computing solutions are more vulnerable than traditional solutions; rather, cloud vulnerabilities take a much different form (and can occur on a much wider scale) than traditional security vulnerabilities. Up to this point, most of the major issues with cloud providers have had more to do with outages rather than data breaches. That doesn’t mean there are no risks in the cloud, but that the form of cloud attacks may be different than traditional attacks. The cloud is not always the target Keep in mind that, in terms of the very public cloud security b... (more)

A Quick Look at Red Hat CloudForms

Open-source cloud solutions are on the rise, and Red Hat is at the forefront of this movement. While other open-source vendors like Fedora are just now getting into the cloud game, Red Hat is continuing to advance and expand its cloud capabilities. One of the most visible examples of this is Red Hat CloudForms. CloudForms relies on over 60 open source projects in order to create a solid and robust Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution. It supplies capabilities for managing the lifecycle, the ability to configure both private and public clouds using the widest possible arra... (more)

Cloud Computing Basics

Cloud Expo on Ulitzer One of the hottest trends in small business and enterprise-sized IT is cloud computing. Cloud computing represents a major shift in the way companies view their technology infrastructure. This type of approach to IT relies on the Internet, and usually involves provisioned, scalable, dynamic and virtual solutions. Cloud computing pulls the details of IT infrastructure management away from the business and puts it squarely in the hands of true experts. The Internet is at the core of the concept of cloud computing, and it is the Internet that the term “cloud” re... (more)