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Being CIO means having your finger on the pulse of the industry. It doesn’t mean being a master of technology, and it doesn’t mean dictating to your people exactly how they should accomplish their missions. However, it does mean being aware of the prevailing trends in IT, and providing a forward-looking vision for all of your staff to see and benefit from. Accordingly, here are some of the mid-year trends some experts are seeing in the IT field this year: Security should be even more pervasive. It’s not all right to simply keep security at the perimeter any longer. Today’s networks and servers need to have real-time, embedded security. Increasing compliance demands coupled with increased security risks mean that functions like firewalling are moving closer and closer away from the edge, and nearer the core. Interoperability is back on the menu. Cloud computing has c... (more)

Desktop Virtualization Pros and Cons

Server virtualization has proved itself to be a wise and robust solution over the past several years. Organizations of all sizes have benefitted from virtualization, making the most of their system resources. Desktop virtualization, however, has been much slower going. For the past several years, experts and pundits have declared that it would be the “year of desktop virtualization,” and each year they were proved wrong. While desktop virtualization is gaining some ground, it’s certainly not as widely implemented (or even being considered as much) as server virtualization. A mix... (more)

What CIOs Need to Know About Enterprise Virtualization

As a CIO, it’s your responsibility to chart the technological course for your organization and to do so in a way that meets business needs while fitting inside a budget. Virtualization is one of the most significant advancements to hit the enterprise, and it can be a tremendous boon for the CIO who understands the technology and is willing to implement it across the enterprise. There are four key areas related to virtualization that CIOs need to understand and keep on top of: Managing your enterprise virtualization approach. Implementing virtualization isn’t something that shou... (more)

Hitachi's Agile Cloud Computing and Storage Management

Download FREE eBook Now! 6 Essential Strategies For Economizing Your Storage Difficult economic times require new strategies. Years of traditional IT procurement have left many organizations with underutilized and oversubscribed storage capacity. With today’s tightening budgets, many organizations are faced with demands to do more with less and tough decisions on where to invest available funds. The good news is, there are technologies and strategies proven to reduce storage infrastructure costs – simply put, they make storage cheaper to own. The technologies and strategies discus... (more)

How to Lower Data Center Costs Without Impacting Service Levels

Datacenter Automation on Ulitzer Down economy or not, IT managers have never had a blank check with which to meet an organization’s needs. As time goes on, IT managers have to deal with increased demand for computing and information services, all while being asked to cut costs and create grater justification for expenditures. One of the areas IT departments are asked to cut back in is operational costs for their data centers. There are a few steps involved in reducing data center costs while maintaining the kinds of service levels your organziation has come to know and expect: 1... (more)