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If you’ve been running in solely Windows and/or Linux environments, you may be ready to move up to a more robust solution. For more than 20 years, IBM i series has provided solutions not only to larger and medium sized businesses, but to small businesses as well. Here are some things you should know about IBM i series if you’re thinking about making a move: 1.    IBM i Series Uses an Object-Based Kernel IBM i series has always been created using an object-based kernel. This means that you will find some features in the IBM i series that you won’t find in other operating systems, such as single level storage. In turn, these features provide increased stability and security for your enterprise. 2.    IBM i Series has Broad Integrated Component Offerings There are a number of core operating system functions that come with the IBM i series. They include web application s... (more)

Oracle Fusion Applications

The release of the much-anticipated Fusion Applications from Oracle will be made available on a general basis beginning in the first quarter of 2011. Fusion Applications is designed to be a next-gen combination of Oracle’s mainstream offerings, including PeopleSoft, the E-Business Suite as well as Siebel. This has been no small feat. Oracle Fusion Applications has been five years in the making, and is a tremendous effort of engineering. They design team had to take the best features of those applications and try to implement them onto Oracle’s Fusion Middleware infrastructure. ... (more)

Three News Ways to Reduce Data Center Power Use with Virtualization

Scaling back power needs in the data center is a noble ideal, but it’s something that very few organizations have truly been able to achieve. The fact of the matter is that increasing demand for service and capacity outpaces most of the greening efforts (and efficiency interventions like virtualization) that we can muster. There are more reasons to reduce your data center’s power consumption than just saving the planet, too. There are financial incentives to doing so that have little or nothing to do with fossil fuel conservation or the ozone layer. Part of the problem is that ... (more)

Modernizing the Network

Major changes have taken place in the network in the past 15 years. The type of data that users are passing across the pipes is significantly different in size and composition. And, the coming “data explosion” promises to put even the most robust networks to the test. When you add in technologies like virtualization and the need to access cloud computing solutions reliably, it’s no wonder that the network sometimes falls behind the times. If you want to modernize your data center’s network, here are some guiding facts and principles you need to consider: Video is growing in impa... (more)

The Wild Cloud: Legal Aspects of Cloud Computing

While many organizations have been making the move toward cloud computing solutions for the past several years, the fact remains that we’re really still in the early days of figuring out how all of this is going to work. Even more than that, the laws on the books that apply to cloud solutions are woefully behind. This creates a number of challenges, both for data centers and for consumers. Questions of compliance Businesses, for example, are facing some serious concerns when it comes to cloud solutions. A legal firm might have attorneys who store client-related documents on Goo... (more)