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The Three Most Important Benefits of Infrastructure as a Service Cloud computing offerings are almost overwhelming at this point. There are so many different services and service providers competing for your business that it can be hard to know what's really best for you. Understanding what kinds of solutions work for your business means getting a handle on exactly what solutions are out there and what benefits they can bring an organization. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), for example, is a solution that can offer significant benefits to an organization. What Is IaaS? In the most basic sense, IaaS means provisioning basic computing resources such as storage, hardware, networks and servers over the Internet. The actual physical infrastructure of your Information Technology systems moves outside of your organization and into a service provider's environment. IaaS... (more)

Denial-of-Service Attacks and the Cloud

Denial-of-Service attacks are nothing new, and they’ve been a thorn in the side of data center managers and IT staff for decades now. For most organizations a decade ago, DOS attacks were often little more than an annoyance, and meant restricted email or Internet access for a short time. Unless your organization depended greatly on an ecommerce portal, a DOS attack probably wouldn’t rate in the list of top five causes of a loss of service for your organization. Today, however, the world has changed. Organizations are relying in an increasing fashion on cloud computing solutions,... (more)

Getting Dead Servers Out of the Data Center

Data centers have undergone rapid change over the past few years. First there was the advent of virtualization, which allowed data centers to finally take advantage of their true capacity while reducing their footprint. Cloud solutions weren’t far behind as more and more business units found outside solutions that would actually meet a need better and cheaper than what could be done in-house. All of this change has left many data centers with legacy equipment. While most of the time legacy servers get decommissioned, it’s not entirely uncommon for one to escape the watchful eye ... (more)

Network Add-Ons for Web Traffic and Cloud Technology

There was a time – perhaps a decade ago, perhaps more – when the network was simply the network. It was routers and switches and cables and power. It was responsible for carrying data to and fro, and for acting as a hard wall gatekeeper that would prevent data from getting from one place to another. As time went on, the network added more functions. It connected the network to the Internet, it measured traffic, it acted as a firewall, blocking traffic based on any number of criteria. It dabbled in security, as well. All of that pressure has brought us to the place where it’s hard t... (more)

Top Five Virtualization Performance Myths

Making the most of your virtualized environment means monitoring performance and making changes to optimize performance. The fact is that there are a number of things that can hamper performance in a virtualized environment, and if you’re not looking at all of them you can find yourself with an unexpected performance bottleneck. Accordingly, here are some of the most common virtualization performance myths of which you need to be aware: Performance monitoring and capacity planning are the same thing. Performance monitoring and capacity planning complement one another, but they wo... (more)